In my present work which began in 2008 I have explored and expanded the accent on the continuous and lyrical line in my work with an intent to express whole thought and form with a single continuous brush stroke, integrating Eastern spirituality with western art form.
Undefined energy inspires me to fill the surface of the canvas with moving lines and penetrating textures. I apply layers of colors and then embroider with pen and ink. It is an ongoing process. The different layering materials that I use bring out subliminal images.


Momentum 1

Momentum 1_ 26″X34″ Acrylics on Board

Momentum 2

Momentum 2_ 26″X34″ Acrylics on Board

Lyrical_Line 5

Lyrical_Line 5_36″X26″ Acrylics on Board

The Lyrical Line-4

The Lyrical Line-4_ 48″X60″ Acrylics on Canvas

The Lyrical Line-3

The Lyrical Line-3_ 60″X74″ Acrylics on Canvas

The Lyrical Line-2

The Lyrical Line-2_60″X74″ Acrylics on Canvas

The lyrical Line-I

The lyrical Line-I_60″X74″ Acrylics on Canvas

Celebration of Lyrical Line-I

Celebration of Lyrical Line-I_48″”X38″ Acrylics on Board

Celebration of Lyrical Line-II

Celebration of Lyrical Line-II_48″X38″ Acrylics

We have Arrived

We have Arrived_20″X26″ Acrylics on Board



Figures-6_ Digital_24″/26″



Figures-I_Digital 24″/26″


Lyrical Lines

Lyrical Lines_48″X38″ Acrylics on Board


Lyrical Lines-I

Lyrical Lines-I_20X20″ Acrylics on Canvas

The Bay

The Bay_22″X28″ Acrylics on Board