Lyrical, spiritual, figurative, and calligraphic, my work speaks of human universality.

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my joy

I enjoy the process of painting. Whether I draw inspiration from sacred words or poetry and draw flow of humanity or nature movements, the lyrical line is the torch that brings out subliminal images from deep within me. My method is a physical and meditative process that fills each canvas with moving lines and multi-layered textures. For me creating art means getting physically involved with

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You are just a small transitory particle…

  What is time? I can’t hold it I can’t grab it Though I want to hold it, grab it and own it I can’t see it though it is surrounding the space Happening at the same time around the globe Time, what is time? It slips from my fist like sand It is like breeze, touches me softly sometimes It is like strong wind,

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Ocean of Humanity Poem

Do not lose faith in humanity It is a vast, limitless, spread out ocean It does not get dirty with a few drops of dirt at one end On the other end,  look at the sparkling waves gushing forward to cover it! No evil human powers can destroy its beauty They only cry for our attention and invite us To advance with force and dignity

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