About Me

Painting has been my need ever since I can remember and it has become the vehicle to find my purpose of life.

Over the past more than thirty years I have created images with continuous, lyrical line and a variety of re-purposed materials in an effort to express joy in the universal spirit that unites humanity. Through my art I have been able to transcend all physical and mental limitations to create images of transformation. As a woman, Hindu, Muslim, artist and mother, I see this challenge as a unique opportunity to create harmony through the expression of the universal in my art.

My travels from India to Iran, Kuwait, Germany, Pennsylvania and my recent migration to San Francisco combined with experiences in communities worldwide have left a conceptual impact on my work. Folk art, miniature art, and Arabic Calligraphy are three strong artistic influences that I have adopted along my journeys. I find that multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural images best describe my vision of the modern world.

In my efforts, I have tried to bring Eastern spirituality, and western techniques of painting learned over the years. Through the contrasting elements in my work, I yearn and search for unity and when that unity or balance is achieved, it brings about a tranquility and joy.

Presently I am working on three series simultaneously that discuss and interpret my search for universal love in three different mediums-mixed media paintings, large Acrylic paintings on canvas and metal sculptures.

– Salma Arastu

A Glimpse of My Studio!

My studio is located at 2547 8th Street, studio# 34, Berkeley, CA 94608

Phone: 510 868 4398       Email: salma@salmaarastu.com