I am listening to the song of the soul
arising from deep within
the strings on my instrument
are echoing only these sound waves…

The circle has everything
The beginning and the end
The sun is round
The moon is round
The earth is round
From birth to death
A cycle of life
You come, you go and you come back again
God is the alpha and the Omega
The source and the end
A complete totality
In time and space


The joy sparks like a twinkling star
Bursting into dancing galore
The rhythm of movements
Reveals the transparent joy
Visible from each step
Whether in a group or alone!


Come celebrate as if this is the
only moment
Rejoice as life is given once
Diversity among humans and
Nature is a gift
And the reason to celebrate!


Crowds of people
Millions of people
Moving on this earth
Dark, white, brown and black
Different religious labels
From various lands
Colorful robes or gray suits
Carrying the same soul within
In search of one God
Faceless — they merged together
in my dream
Dancing, rejoicing
The celebration of Life,
Conversing and arguing
Caring and sharing
Loving and consoling
Connecting and spreading
Boundless joy and happiness…
The pledge is taken, vows are made
The relationships are created
Through marriage, through work,
through blood
You are not alone in this world
You are woven like a tapestry
With different threads combined!Burning towers of Humanity
The rage of the jet fuel
Melting steel
Over spreading flames
The rage of one individual
Burnt several thousand human beings
Human bodies running
Escaping, leaping
Falling, crumbling
Turning into cinders
In a moment of heat
Everything is covered by smoke
The smoke of ignorance
As long as this smoke keeps billowing
And clouding the vision
Many more towers of humanity will burn
And turn into ashes

One tragedy is not over yet
Another begins…
Wounds are fresh yet
The smoke has not disappeared
Tears well up
Lips are trembling
I am shocked,
I am humanity
Insecure, uncertain
In the chaos of the twenty-first century
I am helpless
Amazed at my rivals
Among my own people.


While it is dark
Do not give up, bend down or break
Stand right up together and strong
The moment will pass by
There is always light after the dark


Let faith arise
And shine
Up and above
And within
Spirituality is the only solace,
The sole strength
That joins together
My own distorted limbs
And unites me
The humanity, again


Since Eternity…
The flow of humanity
Rising from different lands
Moves forward
Surpassing all obstacles
Overcoming pain and suffering
In search of better horizons…


Whenever I come to New York
I pass through the flow of humanity
Constant and powerful
Rising like the wave in a moment
The flow of different faces
Brown, pale, black or yellow
Emerges as I come through the tunnel
People of all sizes, colors
Races and nations
Are walking briskly
Some smile, some ignore
Some shout, announcing their presence
Some quietly usher in
Now as I go down the giant escalators
Into subway stations, deep
The dark iron pillars and filthy
Train tracks
What am I gazing at!
Shrieking noise of the passing train
Distorts my sense of peace
Country dweller that I am!


You are not alone in the world
You are woven like tapestry
With different threads combined
What is your existence without them?
And what is your existence with them?
If you break, you are a social tyrant
If you move along, you do not remain yourself



The pain is boundless
And the darkness is vast
Spreading back to that corner in time
Where a little girl was playing
A game of imagination!
Gathering all of the darkness
With her empty hands
Stuffing her pockets…
Or with her breath
Blowing the darkness away
In this darkness I can only see her
Because of her hope and faith
A splash of light surrounds her!


Leave her alone
She is hurt
The wound is deep
Don’t touch her as she might shriek
Let her collect her pain
Let her churn within
Let her tears wash the wound
She will come out strong as ever


As He has given you His love
Share this love
To glorify Him
When more people are touched by your love
He is pleased
Please Him
As He has bestowed countless gifts on you
Share these gifts
He will be touched
When He is touched
Your quest is complete!


When a river flows
It takes everything within
Stones, thorns
Pain, wounds
Flowers, leaves
Without a complaint!
It is all love, as a covenant she follows,
To pour open from the mountain and merge into
the sea
Spreading only love, flowing through eternity


Let the world know
It is just the two of us
And love is
The sweet sensation
The spiritual experience
Of giving my whole self to
Offering trust, respect
and admiration
Living with you, for you
Yet leaving you alone for


This is the spiritual
Two of us — myself and my
For my soul is the mirror
of the ultimate truth
That I seek day and night
When we unite —
It is all joy.
Celebration of faith and
love and life


To say I adore you
Is a mere compliment
To say I respect you
Is a mere formality
To believe you are my greatest teacher
Is not only a belief
It is a truth!
I pray that you
Always remain what you are


You were there
Whenever I rose with tearful eyes
From the dark doomed bottom of negation
I found you smiling at my vain efforts
You were there all the time holding my hand
Why was I hurt and unhappy anyway!
Rising up above the skies
Is the sole message of my faith?


You, the Almighty
The energy unbound
The ocean of love
I trust you
You will lead my path to a bright day
To its destiny
And prove to the world that arise,
And I shall raise the world for you!
Rise like waves full of power and
Smile and dance like flowers in the summer
Your strength is your trust
In all good and God Almighty
Move along!


As I closed my eyes
Thousands of lights appeared
Colors and numerous hues
Textures of emotions different
On the rhythm of life – I moved
Danced with the joy of expression
Soared far and beyond the skies
Surrounded by nature and love
I knew no bounds of flights


I am asked to appear at the battlefront again and again
Because I am brave!
I don’t let the enemy get over me
I shield attacks with strength
Though tears roll out
I do not let my view diminish
Though I get hurt
I do not stumble
Though my wound bleeds
I cover it with patience strips
He knows…
And tests my strength again and again
If He is All-Knowing
He also knows I am not going to give up
I will go to the battlefront
As many times as He wishes me to go
I shall glorify my Master always
As I am renewed each time!


The peace is
The quiet inside
When no volcanos of anger or
Earthquakes of envy or greed
No thunderstorms of passion
Or waves of possession grab you
The eternal peace within
Has come to stay with you!


I have a secret covenant
To give away smiles
And bury all the sorrows
I will see the radiance of dawn!
The pile of sorrows has enshrouded me
I am trying to rise up
Writhing and moving
Seething and coiling
To the glimpse of that promised dawn…


Faith is to surrender
To surrender completely with no questions asked
With trust in Almighty
That each day is His gift
May each moment be spent at His Command


In the beginning
I was just dancing around you
Singing the songs of praise
And worship
Once engrossed
I found your reflection
With me, within me
Around me
With everyone
And everyone was dancing with you
The dance of eternal joy and happiness!


The song of the nightingale
Echoed in the morning
The wind of joy
Swept away the sorrows of night
The first ray of light
After the darkness of the past
It is the light
I have been running after
For miles and miles unknown
The light rises on the horizon
Or in my heart!


I have carried this “pain”in my heart since long
Being alone in the crowd…
At times it has tormented me
And other times it has renewed me!
This pain is my fear
This pain is my strength!


It was made of red sandstone
And the spiritual essence of
My mother’s pure heart
Smiling and singing
She went through her daily chores in Lal
Kothi (Red House)
Where I waited each day at the balcony
For my Baba to come home
Where I enjoyed my childhood with brothers
and sisters
Where Ama took care of us and Baba
And taught lessons of spirituality
Where one day I saw her crying on the floor
Neighbors offering solace
Where I kept watching out from the balcony
Knowing Baba will not come back


When Lal Kothi was lost to me
I wandered
From place to place
until I found the humble-roofed
little house on Chapel Road…
It became home instantly!
As love was its foundation
and various new relationships
offered shelter
despite its physical humbled state.
From a very spiritual world
I was moving into a real world
throbbing with love and life!


Let there be a calm and quiet
Bright and assuring
Corner in the bottom of my heart
Where I can return and relax
After the long Journey
Each day of my life…


San Francisco is home!
For this summer
On my visit to San Francisco,
I felt like a butterfly
Walking across
The golden city
With life and laughter
Hearts are spread all over!
While setting up Alam’s studio,
On the fourth floor
Of 345 Fulton
I found myself
Looking out from the window
Far and beyond
Again the question was
Where is my home?