East Bay Community Foundation has recently awarded me Individual Artist Matching Grant for the amount of $5,000 again this year to create a new painting series “Unity of Symbols and Sacred Words.” These new works will become an artistic endeavor to help audiences understand the common threads across cultural, national and religious lines. I need your help to complete this project.

Over the next year I will create twenty large paintings and six circular Mandalas that use texts and symbols from different faith systems. I will also hold four workshops inviting followers of different faiths to create collaborative paintings to accompany the final exhibition next year at City Limits Gallery in Oakland, California. All of the artwork for the “Unity of Symbols and Sacred Words” exhibition including the sacred texts, twenty paintings, six Mandalas and the collaborative paintings will be published in a fine art full color catalogue.

The exhibition of these paintings and collaborative works will take place in May of 2015 in Oakland.

For more details about these works-