Celebration of Calligraphy

Celebration of Calligraphy

turning-rumi-bookTurning Rumi: Singing Verses of Love Unity and Freedom is my new book,a collection of 52 poem-paintings. Inspired by the poems of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi,a thirteenth century Persian Sufi poet, in my new Poem-Paintings I am recreating the peaceful, trance-like imagery to convey messages of love and unity. I have been supported by East Bay Community Foundation through their “Fund for Artists” in my pursuit of peace,to celebrate diversity and create positive interfaith dialogue through the arts.

Size: 8-10′ | Medium: Hard Cover






The Lyrical Line-I-bookThe lyrical Line: Embracing All and Flowing. The Lyrical Line-Embracing All and  Flowing,book with spiritual works and poems from1998 – 2008. Salma Arastu has published her accomplishments in The Lyrical Line:Embracing All and Flowing,a collection of much of her work over the last ten years, which includes paintings, sculpture, digital art and poetry.

The hardcover book is 104 pages long and contains 120 full-color images and thirty short poems. She writes about her book “My paintings celebrate life. In this art book I have tried to trace with lines and color a trajectory of the human emotions that all of us feel no matter where we are from and what our individual situations are. Over the last ten years,with paintings, sculptures and my poems I have tried to convey messages of unity, diversity, peace, spirituality and also reflections of the Divine that dwell within us all.

Through the pages of this book, I want to share these messages with those who may spend a bit of time with it that we need to celebrate ‘the gift of life’ on this earth, moment by precious moment.”
Size: 10-10 | Medium: Hard Cover